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The Blue Regulators Public Safety Motorcycle Club is a is a private organization comprised of like-minded and law-abiding male riders who own and ride cruiser style motorcycles.  Our membership is made up of Public Safety personnel, First Responders, active/retired Military, Veterans and Patriotic Supporters of this great nation of ours.  We also share a common interest in brotherhood, community and the traditional MC values and practices. 


You DO NOT have to be in Public Safety, Fire, EMS, etc to be a part of the 218 family.


The club was established October 10, 2015 for the purpose of riding motorcycles as an organized club and give back to our communities. The objectives of BRPSMC are to give back to the ones who serve our communities, create friendships and to establish networking relationships within the community and to other like-minded motorcycle organizations to maximize our output to charitable organizations. 


The BRPSMC seek a peaceful synchronicity with all other Motorcycle Clubs. The bottom rocker signifies where we are from.  We claim no enemies and we claim no territory.  

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